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Newest Products -
Great small field flyers with low drift
Streamer Recovery

The CORKSCREW with off center ring stability,
lives up to it's name with a "screwy" boost.
The Powered
FLIC incorporates the Shuttle
design -
Very stable

Special reinforcements added for many, many
Perfect first flight of the day models.
The ADEPTOR will change the way you launch

Launch off easily obtained camera tripods.
Tripods offer more control of launch angles,
After a launch session, remove the Adeptor and use as
a tripod for regular camera use!

Ditch that plastic "lightning bolt" launcher and move up
to more professional equipment.

Save your knees! Take better launch pictures!
Easier igniter connections!
Do you need PDF skins for your WEDGIE kit?
Email me at - I'll send out your choices at no charge
Something funny is in the air!

Odd'l Rockets makes the
Birdie, Sputnik, Break-Away, Cyclone ,
Wedgie, UP! Cup and Pipeline kits.

Our accessories include:
Raise Springs, "Blast" Deflector
and Cutter Tool
Complete product descriptions and all
Odd'l Rockets products available from:
NEW PRODUCTS in development:

Three and Four Fin alignment tool for
BT--5 to BT-70 size models.
Affordable -
this tool works!

By Popular Demand:
3/16' RAISE Springs coming soon!

On the back burner:
PIGASUS! A true gooney!